Saturday, June 26, 2004

For fun: Road rage in Fujin


Mysteries fill the air in Fujin, in the north east section of Second Life. The bridge connecting the lower half of Fujin with the rest of the land in this sector has been destroyed, rather violently. We have no leads about what may have caused the crumbling of such a sturdy structure, but graffiti left behind at the scene indicates a possible "Linden-hater" may be the culprit.

The area surrounding the disaster is relatively undeveloped at the time, so there are no witnesses, although a few who live on the islands nearby reported hearing "explosions" in the distance a couple weeks ago. This was possibly when the bridge was destroyed, though we have no further information at this time.

However, the tragedy of this situation extends beyond the vandalism found here.

Although warning signs lined the roads on both sides of this area, a lone motorcyclist decided to ignore the advice, daring to jump across the river.

Sadly, the daredevil did not make it across the void. It is unknown at this time what happened to the poor soul, but his bike remains behind, a testament to his courage (or stupidity) and a warning to others who would contemplate following in his footsteps.