Sunday, August 01, 2004

Question Authority

Clubbing, scripting and the search for good shoes:
A SecondLIFER muses on her first five months

Remember your first hours in Second Life? The experience can be overwhelming for some, inspirational for others. SecondLIFE’s Leilany LaFollette caught up with Second Life resident Anicia Medici to talk about her early days here, and where she hopes to take her Second Life in the future.

SecondLIFE Magazine

Q: How long have you been in Second Life?
A: It will be 5 months this Tuesday (June 15).

Q: Why did you decide to try out Second Life?
A: I heard about it from one of my best friends and decided to follow him here.

Q: Does your friend still play?
A: Yes, off and on.

Q: Have you been a resident in other online worlds? Have you played any online games?
A: Well, I was in The Sims Online and it was a great experience for a while. Lots of great interactions and I loved building my homes. Met a lot of nice people there. I was also in There and still am. I enjoyed making clothing and selling it in auctions, I enjoyed all of the vehicles and places to explore.

Q: How would you describe your on-line persona here in Second Life and how does it compare to others you've had in TSO and There?
A: I am the same here as I was in both others although there are more mature features in this game that I enjoy. AV-wise, I didn't love the (avatars) in TSO because they were stick like. I did like my AV in There.. the Avs here are something I still have to get used to.

Q: So what mature features have you tried out in Second Life that you would recommend to others?
A: Well, I like the fact that you can have anatomically correct bodies here. I have played with some of the toys with scripts that I find appealing. I still have a lot to try in that area as well.

Q: Do you look forwards to joining any groups in Second Life? Have you joined any groups in Second Life? Why or why not?
A: I have only joined one, Elite Executives VIP. I joined because I was going to the club and I had a great time there. I am not sure if the club has been finished being rebuilt though. I guess it was torn down for a while

Q: The first time you entered the world in Second Life, what was your first impression?
A: I didn't like the “computer look” of the world... it was overwhelming at first.

Q: Has your perception changed since? If so... how?
A: Yes I am used to the look now. I would say the things you can do in the game outweighed any issues I had with the “feel” of it at first... I really like the differently rated areas.

Q: Of the few things you've seen so far, is there anything you would change?
A: The shoes... can’t find many good shoes around!

Q: What is your idea of success in Second Life and do you have a plan to achieve it?
A: My only plan is to have fun here... maybe have a home and shop for clothes. Success is learning how to do all of those things, and yes I plan to achieve it.

Q: Finally, take this opportunity to say hello and get your message out there to all the Second Life residents who will read this. What would you like to say?
A: Hello all of you out there who took the time to read about lil’ ol’ me. If you like to have fun and are a nice person IM me sometime... you never know what you may find.


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