Sunday, August 01, 2004

SecondLIFE Magazine: August 2004

In This Issue:

The Big Story(s)

The Winter Content of our Continent
A storm hit Second Life in July. With it came alterations to the landscape that left some residents marveling in wonder, others dumbstruck, and yet others deftly preparing to capitalize on the awesome changes. MORE...

Second Life Greets Increasing Numbers of Mac Faithful
Second Life's profile in the Macintosh user community was boosted on June 17th, when it was featured by Peter Cohen, “Game Room” columnist for Macworld Magazine and MacCentral writer, on his weekly segment on popular Macintosh Internet radio show Your Mac Life. MORE...

In Other News

On Sunday at 7:00 PM sharp, Spellbound Events hosted the last of the Wizard of OZ themed events. The OZ build is an amazing and wonderful spin on the Wizard of OZ books and movie and is hosted on Evie Fairchild's private Caymen. MORE...

A growing number of both new and longtime residents have been engaged in debate and action aimed at changing minds and inspiring action; and the issues tackled are not restricted to within the world
of Second Life. MORE...

Second Lifer

Part of Casanova’s daily routine used to include passing the New York World Trade Center on the way to work as a mailman. That changed Sept. 11, 2001, when terrorists used planes as missiles and brought the buildings crashing to the ground, killing almost 3,000 people. MORE...

Question Authority
Remember your first hours in Second Life? The experience can be overwhelming for some, inspirational for others. SecondLIFE’s Leilany LaFollette caught up with Second Life resident Anicia Medici to talk about her early days here, and where she hopes to take her Second Life in the future. MORE...

Hot Spots
Club Midnight (Umber, 205,111). I know what you're thinking: another club? Yet Club Midnight sets itself apart by it's great use of the new in-world animation.. MORE...

Grins, Gripes and Groans

Letter to the editor
In recent days, there has been some drama. You may say, "Yes, and the week before that, and the one before that.” Only occasionally drama overlaps onto its succeeding week. True as that may be, this week’s drama was SUPER-DUPER SPECIAL. Now is that time where you realize I'm talking about land. MORE...

Dear Avi
Got a nagging question about building, scripting or clothes designing? Not sure how to handle that prickly situation with your neighbor? Or maybe that special Avatar unceremoniously dumped you and you just want to vent? Whether rant or rave, question, answer, advice, comment or just a simple “hello,” Avi wants to hear from you! MORE...

Newbie 2 Newbie
I waited for notification on the availability of my 512 square meters of land in Second Life with the same anticipatory delight as a five-year old waiting for Sea Monkeys. When I finally got notice and teleported to the coveted piece of land, I was struck with the same degree of disappointment that I'd had when I put the much-touted Sea Monkeys in water and realized that they were brine shrimp and would never wear little crowns or perform cute tricks. MORE...

Currency Trader
Real life caught up with Gaming Open Market president Jamie Hale, but he will be back next month to offer analysis on recent Linden dollar trades. In the meantime, check out the latest chart. MORE...


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