Saturday, September 11, 2004

Letter to the editor: In a Foreign Tongue

First of all I must say I am not always able to write something in English. So, please, be understanding and read these scattered Second Life thoughts.

I’ve been playing Second Life from November 2003. It was a challenge. I am not a native English speaker (Italian is my first language), and my English was (and is)... let's say poor. Just enough to be understood almost always or at least often, and good enough to understand people. But it was (and still is) very frustrating.

This is a great handicap in relationships, because it seems that sometimes, when you speak like a 14 years old trying to say understandable things, people tend to get impatient and to go away rather than help. So, when you meet a player that "speaks strange" please think he/she could not be stupid, only give her/him some time to express.

In Second Life I met a huge amount of people from all the world. I am not a racist, so I have not ideas like "French are all OK" or "Americans are all ugly." In effect, I found that professional idiots and very nice people are spread between political borderlines.

-- Jopy Weber


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