Saturday, June 26, 2004

From the editor's desk

From the editor's desk


When I first stumbled into Second Life, the first thing that amazed me was your imaginations. As I flew around, exploring, I was astounded at the creations I encountered. At some points, they were beautiful buildings. At other times, funny avatars. And sometimes, it just looked like a Dr. Seuss book sprung to life before my eyes.

The freedom to create and express here is something I truly enjoy, and it one of the reasons that keeps many of us coming back to Second Life.

Philip Rosedale himself, in an interview I had with him, said that "The world has always been about people expressing themselves in ways they couldn't before."

That's why it bothers me that the forums have been rearranged.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm a controversy junkie. I don't like fights and personal attacks, but I love a good discussion of the issues. OK, you got me, sometimes the drama is entertaining, too. But it also brought forth discussion of really important matters, such as issues of tolerance and racism in world.

As a whole, the forums give us space to speak our minds. Sometimes we have upbeat things to say. Sometimes we just want to be silly. And sometimes, we want to complain. All of it is expression, and all of it is part of what makes Second Life unique.

I understand why Linden Labs might want to control what is said in the forums. They are, after all, the public face of Second Life. However, the freedom to express can - and is - a mark in the plus column for myself and many others.

I sincerely wish Linden Labs will reconsider its deletion of posts. Expression is not something to be feared or squelched. It's part of what makes Second Life great.

On another note, many of you have contributed to Zeppi Schlegel, aka Jamie Hale, the president of Gaming Open Market. GOM was recently defrauded of $3,000. We're talking real life money here, not Linden dollars.

What Jamie and his organization has to offer us in Second Life is immense. He's already promised that he won't be deterred by the criminal acts of one person. We are fortunate for that.

Though Jamie never asked for it, many of you have decided to contribute spare Linden change to his cause. It is a worthy cause, and those who contributed are to be commended.


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