Saturday, September 11, 2004

A Jaded View: Upstart Jade Bard takes a gamble

SecondLIFE Magazine

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Meet Jade Bard, scripter of Jaded Cards gaming machines. Jade is the brilliant lady that makes sophisticated gaming machines you might see in Casinos around the world. She is new to Second Life but has mastered in a short time what many of us baffling at best. When asked if she would call herself an "Uber Geekess" she modestly replied that she is not and that during summer she has a lot of time on her hands.

A background in VB6 and Java programming has helped her become competent in LSL. She did mention ease of use and debugging capabilities of VB6 are perhaps one of the missing components of LSL. As she put it; "LSL debugging is just like Java's debugging, it's a pain the ass, I mean usually its okay, but sometimes I will sit and look at code for HOURS to realize I
messed up ONE LINE!"

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Jade is very modest about her abilities claiming her gaming scripts are not that complicated. However, her ability to stick to it and make even seemingly insurmountable bugs vanish is admirable.

The gambling machine script business has been successful during the past month netting over 25k from her single handed efforts. This is a marvel in that her scripts are considerably less expensive than her competitors with Free Upgrades, Free Servicing, and Free Suggesting.

Asked if the casino games are crooked (rigged for the house to win). She responded with a laugh and an adamant "NOT MINE!"

She did indicate that some may do this but if you see the creator name Jade Bard on the game you can be assured it is a good machine.


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