Saturday, September 11, 2004

SecondLIFE Magazine: September 2004

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In This Issue:

The Big Story(s)

Twist and Shout: Version 1.5 is Here
Second Life 1.5 has hit the world. Fraught with problems and a bugs it has slowly wobbled unto it’s own two feet.

The new version was plagued by frequent crashes, teleportation problems and dragging lag. Two upgrades later, it now runs more smoothly. MORE...

In Other News

The Golden Lindy
C’mon Second Lifers, who do you love? SecondLIFE Magazine is proud to announce the Golden Lindy award. You, Second Life denizens, will have final say in who will be honored as among the best of the best. MORE...

Welcome to the Club
Club Elite owner Big John Jade is moving the one of the most popular places in Second Life to a new sim. MORE...

Lost in Space
I have left on a voyage to space in Second Life. I am traveling at a rate of nearly 200m per second. MORE...

Second Lifer

On the Lam: Paca Hannibal does hard time in Second
Meet Paca Hannibal, on the run in Second Life. The fact that he does much of his running wearing an orange prison uniform and handcuffs has set him apart from other Second Lifers. MORE...

A Jaded View: Upstart Jade Bard takes a gamble
Meet Jade Bard, scripter of Jaded Cards gaming machines. Jade is the brilliant lady that makes sophisticated gaming machines you might see in Casinos around the world. MORE...

Question Authority

Ancient Knowledge: Archaegeo's university teaches modern skills
Archaegeo Plantini has opened the Ancient Earth University where he teaches a wide curriculum. MORE...

Build Review

Creative Talent: The Vampire Empire Castle
One of the most attractive aspects of SecondLife, to many inhabitants, is the ability to let one’s imagination flow almost limitlessly. With a bit of land and a lot of imagination, we can create anything... MORE...

How To

The Building Series: Part 1
So you have just started in Second Life and you are finding your way around the world, there's alot to take in right? You've checked out the popular picks and visited some events and you are settling down into a routine. Now might be a perfect time to start trying your hand at building some things and see what all the fuss is about. MORE...

Grins, Gripes and Groans

Editor's Desk
I took a break at work to check in on the Second Life forums yesterday. It was Sept. 10, the eve of the three-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks that claimed 3,000 lives. The first post I saw was entitled "9/11 -- We Will Never Forget (Patriot Day)." It promised to be a memorial thread. But my, how quickly things can change in the opinionated world of message boards. MORE...

Letter to the editor
In a Foreign Tongue

First of all I must say I am not always able to write something in English. So, please, be understanding and read these scattered Second Life thoughts. MORE...

Dear Avi
Got a nagging question about building, scripting or clothes designing? Not sure how to handle that prickly situation with your neighbor? Or maybe that special Avatar unceremoniously dumped you and you just want to vent? Whether rant or rave, question, answer, advice, comment or just a simple “hello,” Avi wants to hear from you! Email: Click here for this month's questions... MORE...

Newbie 2 Newbie
So, imagine that you are standing on your Second Life front porch torturing prims, when a giant skunk shows up and begins to rez beautiful furniture on your front lawn at the same time that a shirtless, tattooed, pierced guy drops by to discuss Rene Decartes and hyperbolic doubt. MORE...

The Biz
The value of the Linden stayed constant in August and early September, remaining in the $1.40-$1.45 per 250L range. Prices climbed to their current levels in July and show little sign of deflating. MORE...


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    Brand New! Laka River Front Market. Get your products sold!
    Laka River Front Market, Laka (129, 91)

    Ashburn Horse Races, Every Night at 6PM!
    The Ashburn Races, Jizo (160, 221)

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    DragonChiq Designs has awesome swords and custom tattoos for sale!

    Single Prim Windows and Doors. Visit Jodiette Flower's Store, Ritch (214, 172) and Jodi's #2, Bodega (226, 17)

    Customized license plates. All 50 states and Canada. 150L. IM Roxie Marten. Samples available.

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