Saturday, September 11, 2004

Welcome to the Club: Club Elite finds a new home

SecondLIFE Magazine

Club Elite owner Big John Jade is moving the one of the most popular places in Second Life to a new sim.

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The club had been a long-time feature in the Federal, where some neighbors complained about lag the club generated. Club Elite finds a new home on privately owned Elite Island.

The former site of the club was sold to Anshe Chung for a undisclosed price.

"Just say it was good deal on both," said Big John Jade.

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Big John gave several reasons for moving.

"Lag is the No. 1 most reason why we want out of this sim," he said.

Other reasons include more control and a expanded club.

The new sim is Mature with 65,536 square meters of land.

When asked about the new club, Elite club goer Madelyna Bismark said, "I love it." Another club patron, Lexia McCoy, said, "I'm so happy. No lag!"

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