Saturday, June 26, 2004

From Slim Shady to Second Life

Asri Falcone designs for the Detroit music scene in real life. Here, she designs for everyone.

When Nimue Galate discovered Asri Falcone's designs in Leda, she was instantly enthralled. "I couldn't take my eyes off luxurious textures and a flamboyant style I haven't seen in any other designs," Galatea said. "Asri designs quality. I simply had to interview her!"

Me and my nephew have what we call OCVGD: Obsessive Compulsive Video Gaming Disorder.

Q: How did you discover Second Life?
A: I was playing Sociolotron as a break from Star Wars Galaxies, where I met a girl who invited me to try SL. So I did. Me and my nephew have what we call OCVGD: Obsessive Compulsive Video Gaming Disorder.

Q: What is the meaning of your name?
A: I chose it because Asri is my Jedi name on SWG. My whole image is that of a storm. I like to get the character as close to me as possible.

Q: What do you do in real life?
A: I own a graphic design farm. We do promotional items, album covers. Anybody from Puff Daddy to Eminem. Anything that happens in Detroit, I’ve got my finger on it.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your designs?
A: The inspiration for my formal wear comes from the red carpet. I want to make things I would love to wear in real life that I can’t afford. This is the reason why my dresses aren’t too expensive. The first project I ever build was a dress. I figured it would be simple and easy, and it was. People liked it and actually made me sell it! My casual wear is inspired by classics that don't go out of style.

The red carpet inspires Asri Falcone's designs.

Q: How do you create your clothing?
A: To be honest, there is nothing that everyone doesn’t already know. The clothes I have released are made with tools that are already in the game. The ones I haven’t yet released I created with Photoshop. Every texture I’ve used so far came with the game. There is another line coming out that’s clothing made up of graphics and airbrush.

Q: Is there a story behind the Black Ice design?
A: That was my third design. I had created Pink Ice and a lot of people bought it. Then there was a "Best formal wear" party at Club Elite. The last thing I could do was show up in something I had created that everyone else was wearing, so I had to come up with something new. Hence, the Black Ice dress.

Q: Is there anything else you design?
A: I designed the stage at the Leda events area, where I am the head of events. Right now I’m working on a line of avatars from "Kill Bill". Also I photograph.

The Black Ice dress designed by Asri Falcone

Q: What do you photograph?
A: People. Weird, crazy people. Mostly I take pictures with strange camera-views.

Q: What are some of your hobbies in real life?
A: Considering I spend 20 hours a day on my computer, this is about it. I design for my Website, I airbrush, I paint, I sing. There, that's a good one!

Q: What do you sing?
A: Mostly R+B, Jazz and House music. I sing gospel in church, and I sing in nightclubs. I also do karaoke contests when I can.


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