Saturday, July 24, 2004

BREAKING NEWS: Balloon Guides gives way to Sky Guides following protest


On July 23, an an announcement was posted in the forums, declaring that "[the] limitations of the balloon have come to an end. The group formerly known as Balloon Guides will now adopt the stylish new moniker of Sky Guide Tours - and flight path and flying craft are now left to the imagination of the Guides. the Balloon itself has been removed so that the Sky Guides [formerly the Balloon Guides]might dock their tour craft at is former berth."

When asked if the changes to the Welcome Areas tour sections were due to Hank Ramos' protests, Jill Linden confirmed: "I kept my promise to Hank and brought it up in the (Linden Labs) meeting. The dialog contributed to changes that were already be considered...and now I head Sky Guide Tours."

Jill Linden, however, emphasized that Ramos' protest was not the only factor, and that discussions were already underway at the time of the protest.

When asked if the announcement had changed his opinion of Linden responsiveness to residents, Hank Ramos commented "I always knew that Linden Lab listens to their customers, and I knew that protests were a time honored way to influence change, both in Real Life and Second Life," and then added, jokingly "though, the [area]definitely need[s] a redesign to look better."


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