Saturday, June 26, 2004

Lifer for life

DIANNA Fredericks wins a lifetime membership


DIANNA Fredericks has only been in Second Life for a short while, but she thinks she'll stay here a long time.

That's because Fredericks, a recent arrival from There, recently won a lifetime membership to Second Life.

The winnings include an allotment of 4,096 square meters of land. What does she plan to do with all that space?

"Have fun, what else?" she said, standing outside the Black Thong Mistresses clubhouse she created.

Fredericks found her way to Second Life after the infamous "failure to support" letter appeared on There. In it, There's owners said they wouldn't turn away members, but they wouldn't develop new features for them, either.

"I was mad as hell at there for doing what they did to us," Fredericks said.

So, she came to Second Life to start over.

Some parts of her new world took getting used to, but Fredericks quickly found her footing. She said she misses the voice enhancement available on There.

Fredericks also invited her There friends to come here. Each time a referral was accepted, Fredericks got entries in the Second Life lifetime membership contest. In the end, her name was selected at random from among the entries.

Unfortunately, Fredericks won just a few days after she paid for a year-long membership.

Fredericks said she might use the extra land allowance to build on Black Thong Mistresses, a leather-themed nightclub she and her friends created.

Don't let the dungeon scare you; Fredericks says the place is open to all.

"Fun, open-minded and great friends," is how Fredericks' friend, midnight Fredericks, describes the place. "It's just a great place to hang out.

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