Saturday, June 26, 2004

Question Authority

It's a man's world, but Feliciaa Feaver's got it under control

Feliciaa Feaver, the brains behind Second Life’s clothing-optional Phantasie Isle, is one of the best-known women entrepreneurs in Second Life. But success didn’t come easy. Sequoiah Lightcloud caught up with her at an "undisclosed location" where Feaver gets away from it all.

Q: Given that so many new people are joining our community, we wanted to include stories about well known AVs that are currently influencing our world :) I was really interested in talking to you for several reasons: One, you run a very successful and lovely place; two you're a female AV, and I thought it would be good for all new female AVs joining to read about you.
A: Feliciaa Feaver: Yes its hard here. Men like to try and rule haha.

Q: Some things never change! Has that been your experience in Second Life so far? Or would you say men are more cooperative here?
A: Well.. they like to think they rule! I spent 5 months living at the Second Life park, dressing under the waterfalls. I made a few clothes. I can’t build at all. I had a boyfriend that wanted to do all for me. When the land all opened up and new sims came I fought hard for the beach, and went through about ten different parcel owners to buy their land. Some even knew what I was trying to do and they snatched it to sell to me for higher. But I am a business woman in real life, so I knew since I can’t build or make things that I would need to do something else. I wanted to make a cool nude beach, or clothing optional, so it wouldn’t scare peeps off.

Q: How did you get the idea for Phantasie Isle?
A: I was standing on the beach land, about 2 weeks before the parcels went up for auction, and one thing I know is that mature and sex-type stuff attracts people. So that’s when I made it clothing optional, and started making events and got a radio station to make it fun for people.

Q: Recent posts on the forums have made it sound like the whole community is a rabid orgy fest… What would you like to tell them?
A: LOL not true! I would say that some events are mature, but like we had a Wizard of Oz event on Monday, people dressed as Dorothy, etc. It was fun. I would say that most of the events here at Phantasie Isle are not mature the way people think.

I give away about 2,000L at each event, and I split it up so it can go to different people.

Q: So it's safe to say that Phantasie Isle keeps you busy, huh?
A: Oh my God, yes! Let me tell you what I do with the dwell money. OK, I pay out of my pocket the $75 land tier, and the $50 a month for the radio. And the money I make in real life from Linden Labs for dwell, I have them give to me in Linden money, at the GOM rate, and I use that money for giveaways. I give away about 2,000L at each event, and I split it up so it can go to different people. Some have nothing, so why give 1,000 away to one person?

Felicia Feaver worked hard to get Phantasie Isle and works hard to keep it going.

Q: Do you have business partners / associates or are you the lady of the isle, so to speak?
A: Well, I started it, by owning the land. However, I couldn’t do it all without my partners. Tink Buttercup does the stage set ups, then my boyfriend Michael Phaeton does all the bouncing and fixing LOL. And Isis Lumiere is an idea person. We are a team, and we have a new DJ as well. We do all as a team here and that is what makes it work. No one wants money, they have me give it away.

Q: I guess most people don't realize how much work actually goes into these events. Do you have any recurring themes for parties or events that you hold on a regular basis?
A: Yes hehe. Mondays is theme night, we have had matrix, dancing in the street, gangster night, ho down, red barn and country... oh, and campfire! And Thursday night is fantasy reading night. That one is a little mature. People give me fantasies on a note card, I put them out in a note giver, they read and vote on the best one. Also, I read them out loud on the air. Wednesday night we were going back and forth with a pet auction. That was fun, and the opposite Wednesday we had people show how to position themselves in Second Life... if you know what I mean! But it never turned into an orgy. Just watching two couples on stage positioning themselves.

Q: Is there anything you'd like to see in Second Life that you think would improve your beach / parties?
A: Less lag, more people that can be in a sim with less lag. Other then that, that’s it, ‘cause we do the rest.

Q: So in closing... what would you like to say to the fine people of Second Life (old and new) that will read this?
A: I would like to say come to the parties at the beach and party all night. I want to make sure something else is said… some people have made speculations (that) I do this for the real-life money. But I want them to know that I pay everyone else all of it, and I thrive on the dwell because it gives me more to give away.

We do all as a team here and that is what makes it work.


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