Saturday, July 03, 2004

BREAKING NEWS: Protesting the Linden Balloons

SecondLIFE Magazine

Hank Ramos, balloonist and resident since November of 2003, held a one-man protest in the Mainland Welcome Center at Ahern.

Ramos, who is well-known for building and flying balloons, protested because the Linden Balloon, designed to give tours to newly arrived residents, had not been functioning for some time. Ramos said the space where the unused balloon sits could be used by himself or
others to give balloon tours to "newbies" from an official, easy-to-reach spot.

"I'm fighting to bring something good to the newbie experience... to allow residents to give newbie tours." said Ramos, "In time honored fashon, like it used to be -- like we did when there was a huge influx of newbies. The Linden balloon just sits there most of
the time, doing nothing."


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