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SecondLIFE Magazine: July 2004

07/24/04 - BREAKING NEWS: Balloon Guides gives way to Sky Guides following protest
On July 23, an an announcement was posted in the forums, declaring that "[the] limitations of the balloon have come to an end. The group formerly known as Balloon Guides will now adopt the stylish new moniker of Sky Guide Tours - and flight path and flying craft are now left to the imagination of the Guides." MORE...
07/03/04 - BREAKING NEWS: Protesting the Linden Balloons
Hank Ramos, balloonist and resident since November of 2003, held a one-man protest in the Mainland Welcome Center at Ahern. Ramos, who is well-known for building and flying balloons, protested because the Linden Balloon, designed to give tours to newly arrived residents, had not been functioning for some time. MORE...

7/03/04 - BREAKING NEWS: Vive L'Evolution!
The evolution has come, and Linden Labs is rewarding everyone who refers people to Second Life. For every referral you get a chance to earn Linden dollars, as well as entries into the greatest contest ever - a chance to win a lifetime account, just like Dianna Fredericks (see "Lifer for Life"). Click here for official information from Linden Labs!

Anshe Chung, above, demostrates a yoga position she created. Chung created custom animation to use in Second Life version 1.4. The animations are one of the new features in the latest version, which was released on June 15.

In This Issue:

Like a version: Second Life v1.4 makes its debut
Second Life version 1.4, with instant inventory, streaming music and custom animations, has arrived in-world. Gone are the days of stuttering music struggling to load and dancing to silence. We are now in a world where anything, quite literally anything, is possible.

Within two days of its June 15 release, inventive Second Lifers made animations for lap dancing, symptoms of demonic possession and various bedroom sports. MORE...

Big Story: Man on a Mission
These are exciting times for Philip Rosedale, who is better known in the world he created as Philip Linden.

A major upgrade to his on-line world Second Life has recently been released, just days after the virtual reality simulator got a boost in membership through mentions on CNN and Slashdot. At the height of the influx, one new person was signing up for Second Life every minute. MORE...

The huddled masses: Influx of newcomers strains the system
It’s hard not to notice the influx of new people into our virtual world. What has influenced this new surge of people? There are several factors.

One great wave of new players arrived on Second Life’s shores when a competitor cast doubt on its future as an online game. MORE...

Customer for life: Dianna Fredericks refers friends and scores a lifetime membership
DIANNA Fredericks has only been in Second Life for a short while, but she thinks she'll stay here a long time.

That's because Fredericks, a recent arrival from There, recently won a lifetime membership to Second Life. MORE...

Entrepreneur with a heart: Brianna Dawson
When Briana Dawson first visited Second Life, she thought she'd never return.

"My expectations were very low, which made it easy for this world to blow my mind." Seven weeks passed before she progressed beyond making simple plywood boxes, but these days she is a successful entrepreneur. MORE...

It's a man's world, but Feliciaa Feaver's got it under control
Feliciaa Feaver, the brains behind Second Life’s clothing-optional Phantasie Isle, is one of the best-known women entrepreneurs in Second Life. But success didn’t come easy. Sequoiah Lightcloud caught up with her at an "undisclosed location" where Feaver gets away from it all. MORE...

From Slim Shady to Second Life: Asri Falcone
When Nimue Galate discovered Asri Falcone's designs in Leda, she was instantly enthralled. "I couldn't take my eyes off luxurious textures and a flamboyant style I haven't seen in any other designs," Galatea said. "Asri designs quality. I simply had to interview her!" MORE...

Master of the Universe Room: Damien Fate
Damien Fate stays true to his first life while in Second Life. Read this Q&A session with this talented designer! MORE...

Canadians in Second Life huddle for hockey
SecondLife may be a world unto itself, but for some, the flavor of the game tends too much towards hamburgers and apple pie. Now, a group of Canadians is looking to add some Canadian bacon and poutine to the mix. MORE...

From the editor's desk
When I first stumbled into Second Life, the first thing that amazed me was your imaginations. As I flew around, exploring, I was astounded at the creations I encountered. At some points, they were beautiful buildings. At other times, funny avatars. And sometimes, it just looked like a Dr. Seuss book sprung to life before my eyes.

The freedom to create and express here is something I truly enjoy, and it one of the reasons that keeps many of us coming back to Second Life. MORE...

Give the game development contest more love
It is sad that the Game Development competition has ended before many inhabitants of Second Life realized it even began.

It was very frustrating for the people who worked so hard over two months to put their games together that they would meet people every day who said "Game Dev 1/2/3/4...what's that?" MORE...

Newbies need love, too
I’ve never played an "online" game before Second Life, but being a true fan of all "Sim" games, I was mildly curious when hubby mentioned signing us both up for Second Life after seeing an article about it on CNN. Thirty minutes later, I was standing on a teleport pad colliding with multiple people and objects.

The main gate looked like New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Avatars ran the gambit, from a little girl with pigtails to a huge, naked, green Shrek. Wings that rotated and flapped, objects that floated in the air and sparked, I spent a good hour just sitting and looking at everyone. MORE...

For fun: Vandals and road rash in
Mysteries fill the air in Fujin, in the north east section of Second Life. The bridge connecting the lower half of Fujin with the rest of the land in this sector has been destroyed, rather violently. We have no leads about what may have caused the crumbling of such a sturdy structure, but graffiti left behind at the scene indicates a possible "Linden-hater" may be the culprit. MORE...

Currency Trader
A swindler teaches a hard lesson: Gaming Open Market's President explains recent halts in trading

Sunday afternoon (June 20), a new client purchased over $3,000 worth of ISK and SWG credits at the "Gaming Open Market" (GOM). He nagged GOM for delivery, and then immediately after receiving the goods, reversed the charges claiming they never delivered. Read on to learn the impact of this malicious act of fraud. MORE...

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